IMSInnovative Management Service, was born as a spin off of Augentes, part of the wider Q&T group, for over thirty years a leader in the development of international projects. Operating in a totally autonomous way, IMS specializes in TMS (Technical Management Service) and offers a team of professionals qualified in the technical, technological and entrepreneurial fields to address any project-related requirement in the oil and gas sectors, Chemical and petrochemical, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, machinery production, energy, EPC-PMC, Steel, IT, telecommunications, logistics, transport.


The IMS professional figures are not just consultants, but in a perspective of innovative TMS become real partners, essential resources to the customer’s team, to bring skills and expertise able to develop solutions that look to the future, updating the present. The large team of IMS has gained extensive experience in different fields, which often allows the creation of transversal knowledge, with particular reference to: project management, Project cost Planning & control, safety, quality, engineering, construction, Commissioning, production management and maintenance.


IMS operates on an international level, being able to refer also to a wide network of subsidiaries and partners in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


We design, organize, manage the future, today.