Technical Management Service

IMS (Innovative Management Services) is composed by a team of professionals who have gained extensive experience in the most diverse technical, technological and entrepreneurial fields and who exploit these skills projected to the future within the division of Technical Management Service (TMS).


IMS is the expression of a new TMS concept, aimed at supporting the customer with a different and innovative approach;
In fact, the team’s components come from direct management of these projects in different sectors, such as energy (production, EPC, Services), Power Generation, metallurgy (primary and secondary), chemical, petrochemical, transport, civil and other, and managerial areas such as maintenance, Project Management, Procurement, Planning, prefabrication, construction, quality, safety, commissioning, Operation.


IMS, acts as a partner that enters into empathy with the client, it shares the problems, and is able to support its strategies with its own experience.


IMS therefore boasts a background that bases its foundations on a seniority of project management but also a long history of its mother company Q&T Spa, leader in the management of projects and in the purchase, supply and installation of capital goods at an international level.


Relying on IMS and its team means not only sharing an intangible heritage of ideas and experience, but also the assets of a company operating around the world through its own companies, partners and warehouses.