A new project is in progress in Algeria

A new project is in progress in Algeria

The oilfield in Tsila, located about 1.100 km southeast of Algeria, will produce gas, LPG and condensate, providing them to local Algerian market and suppling them for the export.

The contract for the development of the deposit has been assigned to Petrofac and Groupment Isarene (the joint operating group consisting of Sonartrach, Petroceltic and Enel).

It will be invested about $1b, for a contract of two years of validity, during which will be necessary engineering, construction work, commissioning and performance testing.

It is a work that strengthens the presence of Petrofac in Algeria, which is already present in the country since more than 20 years and where the company commits to meet high standards, engaging in the energy sector.

Source: Oil and Gas Journal

Investments for 1 Bilion $


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