The golden rule of our action

The Ethics as focal point

The reputation that the Group has built over decades of its history is based on respect for people by defining ethical standards that allow the maintenance of good conduct.
IMS considers essential to respect the values ​​universally recognized as essential for managing work activities correctly.

Some of these values ​​are fairness, trust, honesty and loyalty.

These virtues should be highlighted because they are the basis, not only of the economic success of the company, but also of the corporate well-being of its employees and all the stakeholders, with whom they experience a relationship: clients, suppliers, commercial and financial partners, agents and consultants of all types, local communities and international institutions of the countries in which IMS operates.

First of all, human being.

We measure success in broader terms.

Through integrity and a sense of fairness that constantly guides our choices.

This can only result in the satisfaction of our customers and anyone who shares their businesses with IMS.


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