Feeling in your own environment, everywhere

Global Mobilisation

We understand that moving to the other side of the world, even if only for a short time, is not always easy to manage, since there are many aspects to manage such as housing, transport, documents and much more.

In order to make the transfer as smooth as possible, we provide the access to information, specifically to the country in question.

What’s this about?

From the complex documentary production that underlies the basic activities related to the mobilization of the professional.

As an example, the purchase of travel documents, the accommodation search and booking, a specific training and an extended and careful follow-up phase.

In addition, IMS provides information sharing that includes socio-economic situations, permits, information on emergency services, specific training, and much more.

Once this package of solutions has been received by the IMS team, the worker will therefore only have to concentrate on his profession, as if he were at home.

IMS takes care of it.
IMS mobilisation

Work without borders

We are in an era in which technological progress and new organizational systems have broken borders and distances.

Now, as never before in history, there is the possibility of peering beyond the classic horizons and opening up to new working scenarios, even at the other side of the world.

Global mobilization allows us to exponentially increase job opportunities without distance constraints.


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