Contract Solutions

The key to simplifying your business

The safe way to manage high quality services

Our solid network of partners and collaborations guarantees us a linear and successful operation in every socio-economic and political context.

We can provide our customers with 360-degree support in every phase and in every project location.

The IMS team will take care of the research and mobilization of consultants, that is the whole process from the request for competence to the end of the project: from the selection of the best resource suited to the project requirements, to the contracts, the coordination and support of the personnel, the on-site management of the resource, offering a flexible range of solutions.

The service offer may be total or partial, depending on whether the customer decides to entrust us with the entire management of the resource or to fill certain aspects secondary to his business.

We transform the fixed costs into variable costs that can be allocated to the project, through international contracts designed specifically for your needs.

We transform your secondary activities into allocable costs.

We mobilize your business.

The importance of people

We understand and value the skills and aspirations of those in front of us.

We get in touch only when the work fits our specialization and when we are sure we can succeed at 120%.

This means that we dedicate ourselves to the knowledge of our customers to understand their needs and understand exactly how to satisfy every request.

Our customers have exclusive access to their talents and their management through our services.

IMS thinks about it.

Our Model

For our national and international projects, we use the consultancy daily rate model to make sure you can allocate variable costs to the project, and to offer you a dedicated service only for the needed time to complete the project activities.

This model offers the customer the freedom to change their specifications during the execution phase.

A Tailor-made solution for every need.
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