Global Mobilisation

A network that breaks down borders

In every corner of the world

IMS is specialized in engineering, infrastructural and energy consulting at a global level. Through its Technical Management Services, Commissioning, Engineering consulting and Maintenance services, we have a vast network of highly qualified consultants and technicians, who are mobilized according to the Customer’s needs.
We offer first-class contractual solutions on a global scale thanks to our network located in key areas around the world.
Thanks to its international network, IMS can offer a wide range of support services for mobilization, management and de-mobilization to all Contractors and Customers’ consultants.

IMS becomes the only point of reference for the customer to manage: competence research for projects, national and international contracts, local support, permits, visas, logistics, transport, lodging, food, site safety, training and everything necessary to allow the resource to be 100% productive.

Our international knowledge, our support in critical scenarios and our tailor-made solutions are the pillars of an incomparable quality level that encounters our customersneeds and satisfaction.

Think about a place in the world. We are already there.
IMS mobilisation

Risk management

We invest in supporting our customers in high-risk locations before the trip, during the project and during relocation.

We provide appropriate assistance aimed at monitoring the locations and constantly updating the security provisions involved, from time to time, within the project context.

IMS can manage directly the risk assessment before the journey, the related monitoring, the emergency assistance, the local security support and insurance, and we provide support for mobilization with all international journeys.

The profiling of the needs of each Customer will result in the best selection of flights, rental car, hotels, accommodations and any other needs related to mobilization and relocation, always in line with the customer’s needs.

You are in safe hands.


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