Selection Process

How we live the Recruitment

Talent Acquisition process

Our consultants will lead you throughout the entire recruitment process by promoting visibility through our global network, the headhunting activities and our preferential channels.

You will be given the best opportunities for your specialization and your level of experience.

Nothing is left to chance and no approach is left on trial-and-error.

You will be the first to benefit from this rational and thoughtful approach.

The best opportunity for each candidate.
Selection Process

Skills Analysis

Your professional profile, once received through our platform, to protect your privacy, it will be examined by our team dedicated to the skills you highlighted.

Once your profile has been selected, you will be contacted directly by our experts who will ask the first questions about your experience, in order to create added value in our consulting services.

During the process, you will be contacted first internally and then you will be offered a project to which you could participate. If your feedback will result positive and you will be interested in joining the IMS team, we will organize a more specific meeting based on technical and project-specific skills.

An ad hoc analysis for your skills and aspirations.


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